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1. When do I need to get a Smog Check?
You need a Smog Check every two years (2) if your car is more than six model years old and the model year is 1976 or newer....this does not include motorcycles, electric and hybrid vehicles or two-cylinder engine vehicles


2. Is Stanislaus Smog a STAR certified Facility?
Yes, We are STAR Certified by the Bureau of Automotive Repair.  We are also a Test & Repair station. This means we can smog or repair all vehicles.


3. Does my diesel vehicle require a Smog Check?
Yes, beginning January 1, 2010 diesel vehicles will require a Smog Check.


4. What if I sell my car?
If your car is more than four model years old,  the owner is required to get a Smog Check before selling the car.


5. My registration renewal says that I have to go to a STAR station.  What does this mean?

If your registration requires you to obtain a Smog Certificate from a STAR station, the test can be run at a STAR certified facility like ours.  If you do not pass, we are a Test and Repair station. This means we are certified for any necessary repairs. If we repair your vehicle, your smog retest is FREE!


6. What happens if my car does not pass the Smog Check?
You will not be able to complete your registration renewal until you complete the repairs necessary for your car to pass a Smog Check retest.


7. What can I do to improve my chances of passing the Smog Check?
In general, the answer is to perform proper and regular maintenance on your car and to not tamper with the emissions control equipment.  Here are some tips to help you pass: 

  • Make sure your engine is idling smoothly.  If it is running roughly, have it repaired first.

  • Visually check under the hood for anything that is disconnected or damaged.

  • If your "Check Engine" or "Service Engine Soon" light is on, fix it before you go in.

  • If you have Approved Aftermarket parts, you must have the small silver sticker that came with the part.  It will have the A.R.B. approval numbers (Example  EO  D-279-3).

  • Make sure your car has NO engine coolant, oil or transmission fluid leaks.

  • Warm up your car before you go in.  If there is a wait, warm it up again before your turn.

8. I have a fleet of vehicles, do you offer volume pricing?
Of course.  Call (209) 571-8000

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